Gonzalo Garfias and Andres Bustos made their debut as professors of Tax Law at UAI

2017 its been a great year academically speaking to the lawyers Gonzalo Garfias (partner) and Andres Bustos (associate) since they began to dictate the Tax Law course to the students of 4th and 5th year at Adolfo Ibáñez University.

Both tax lawyers expect to introduce the students to this complex area that historically haven´t recieve the importance that diserves. Thats why the Law Faculties have incorporate this course as mandatory in the curricullum.

“Today, it is very important to understand how our tax system works and how necessary is for the exercise of any activity. Even for those lawyers that are not specialists in the matter, since the various areas of Law are communicated between them”, said Andres Bustos.

At the same time, Gonzalo Garfias says that “the challenge is double, due to the Tax Reform. This, not only produced a substantial change to the Tax System (Income Law) but it also established a kind of new mentality and parameters that the different actors must interpret and apply”.

Both lawyers commented , that beeing young let them have a closer relationship with the students and they can manage the diferent methods and approaches to the matter. Also, they are not so influenced by the old Tax System as lawyers with more years in the profession. “The process of assimilation to understand and interpret changes that our legal system has had, has been quite natural especially because other countries have already implemented changes which we have witnessed,” they explain.