Allende Bascuñán & Cía. returns to the soccer field

After being out of the Lawyer´s League for nearly 7 years, Allende Bascuñan & Cía., returns to the soccer field with more strenght than ever before.
The team is formed by 11 players from de firm, plus 4 of Schultz Carrasco. For Allende Bascuñán & Cía. the team is integrated by Gonzalo Garfias, Andrés Bustos, Cristóbal Pérez, José Luis Ibáñez, Sergio Avilés, Agustín Alessandri, Luis Fernando López, Clemente De Andraca, Joaquín Corvalán (attorney), José Manuel Barros and our new incorporation, Nicolás Mera.

According to José Manuel Barros, “in its early days, more than 12 years ago, this league was organized by the study Vial & Cía.. In that time there were only a few teams participating in the tournament, that lasted no more than one month and a half, and was realized at the end of the year. With the years it profesionalized passing the organization to Accion Total hands, a company that devolps this kind of competitions. More teams joined the league and the championships turned to be one per semester and lasted two months and a half each one. Allende Bascuñán & Cía. participated actively in the first phase of the championship, playing until 2010, year in wich we had to quit because of the the shortage of players. Now, in 2017 we are back with more people and stronger than ever” he explains.

The reincorporation of Allende Bascuñán & Cía. to the Lawyer´s League its a great oportunity to strengthen bonds between people who are part of the firm.
“The office has always been concerned to generate instances of recreation, but it seems to me that this one is the most spontaneous and natural. Fighting for winning creates a common spirit. Additionally, in the field we show much of what we are as a firm. Righteousness, effort, discipline, teamwork, generates a kind of group identity,” comments Barros.