Felipe Bascuñán participates in the Icare Forum of Companies and Communities

As “an advance on the way on seeking solutions and agreements to the difficult coordination and coexistence between companies and communities”, Felipe Bascuñán described the Icare Forum of Companies and Communities, which was held in CasaPiedra last June 1st.

The partner of Allende Bascuñán & Cía., participated in the organization of the event in addition to presenting and moderating the last panel of “Agreements vs. Judicialization “, in which Macarena Soler, Iván Garrido, Nancy Yáñez and Gonzalo Uriarte participated.

After the diferent panels, was evident the companies needed to work earlier with the communities near their projects, and measure in a professional way the different variables and factors, which will facilitate or impede a harmonious development of the project with the community. These measurements will help make appropriate diagnoses and seek agreements that minimize the risk of judicialization. This taking into account that the issue of judicialization, only in court claims before environmental tribunals, (without considering administrative claims), cost the country in terms of unimplemented project investments, around 0.6% of GDP.

According to Allende, it was also revealed the need to have clear rules on the subject and a more specific territorial definition, which would allow more certainty as to what can be done or not in the different territories. It is necessary to look for real benefits for people suffering from the negative externalities of the projects. The communities, for their part, must also advance in ways of opening and dialogue, in order to democratize relationships more. It is not possible to impose views of a few, passing over agreements at country or regional level, which often prevent the development of many, because of a few. However, the look for both sides must be much deeper. “Companies must know and understand the environment where they want to develop their projects.”