Excellence Team

Our team has more than 25 years of experience. Our lawyers have studied in the main universities of Chile and the world, and several of our members take part in the academic world.

Personalized Comprehensive Service

It is fundamental that each of our clients receive the best of us, our availability and total dedication, so that, above all, we receive their trust.

Social Responsibility

We have a commitment to society, providing pro bono legal counsel to several charities.


Allende Bascuñán y Cía has more than 25 years of experience. The firm comprises a highly- qualified and diverse group of professionals, all of them outstanding and committed to carrying out a work of excellence and, above all, governed by fundamental ethical principles.

We are members of international alliances of law firms in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, which allows us to provide global counsel to our clients in their local and international needs.

Since our establishment, we have been committed to helping society, providing pro bono legal advice to several social institutions. Our teams are all involved in each of the matters with their highest care and thoroughness.




Nuevas contrataciones · July 2021

Allende Bascuñán comenzó este 2021 con un importante crecimiento, gracias a la contratación de cuatro nuevos colaboradores. Se trata de Juan Pablo Ossa, Sophie Beaujanot y Valentina Bernstein, de la Universidad Católica, que se integraron a las áreas de derecho tributario, corporativo y wealth management; y Benjamín Bascuñán,


Allende Bascuñán consigue importante triunfo ante el Tribunal Constitucional · July 2021

Representando a la Fundación Las Rosas de Ayuda Fraterna, nuestro departamento de derecho público y regulatorio consiguió un fallo favorable de parte del Tribunal Constitucional, por el que se acogió un requerimiento de inaplicabilidad, por inconstitucionalidad, respecto del artículo transitorio, inciso primero, de la Ley N° 20.791,


Mauricio Carloza es nombrado profesor de la Universidad Católica · July 2021

Desde el primer semestre del año 2021, nuestro asociado senior del área de derecho tributario y wealth management, Mauricio Carloza, pasó a formar parte de la nómina de profesores de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, para los cursos de Derecho Tributario I y II.


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